BUCK EXPERT Synthetic Urines

SAIL - Ottawa

BUCK EXPERT Synthetic Urines

Price: $14.99 at SAIL

Date posted: Aug 20, 2013


A revolutionary technology with no danger of contamination for the game. CodeVolumeAnimalPrice 02BSYN60 mlsynthetic doe$11.99 02SYN60 mlsynthetic doe in heat$11.99 05SPSYN60 mlsynthetic spike$11.99 05SYN60 mlsynthetic dominant buck$11.99

Price history

Date Difference Change rate Price
Aug 20, 2013 $3.00
Price jump by 25%

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BUCK EXPERT Synthetic Urines view

Posted on: Aug 20, 2013

25% Price jump by 25%


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